Sigma Lab participated satisfactorily in the whole proficiency test.


The proficiency test “Emission spectrometry low alloyed steel (EMS Fe L-2023)” was organised by the Institut für Eignungsprüfung (IfEP GmbH).

91 laboratories from 19 different nations participated in this proficiency test, delivering 93 results.

The results submitted were evaluated based on a robust statistical method in order to minimize the influence of outliers with regard to individual laboratory mean values.

The total result shows that 8 laboratories (8 %) did not participate satisfactorily in this proficiency test.

All in all, the result of the proficiency test reflects the mainly good quality of the performance of the emission spectrometry.

A long-term goal of proficiency testing is the observation of the performance of the testing laboratories during a longer period. Therefore, the proficiency test “Emission spectrometry steel” will be organised again in 2024.



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